Iridian is an independently owned, value-oriented equity manager serving institutional investors. We employ a rigorous investment process that identifies opportunities and uncovers value across the market-capitalization spectrum.

Iridian Asset Management LLC is an employee owned, value-oriented investment management firm focused on active equity investment strategies for institutional investors, including foundations and endowments, corporate and public pension funds, sub-advised and Taft Hartley funds.

Iridian was founded in 1996 with a “private business value” approach to investing, which drives our investment strategies.  It has its roots in our original founders early investment careers, which encompassed direct experience in private equity, venture capital, distressed debt and bankruptcy takeovers.  In analyzing investment opportunities, our founders learned the importance of focusing on cash-related metrics and in-depth, critical assessment of a company’s management — two key factors that have been fundamental in shaping a shared and distinctive investment philosophy.

Today, Iridian is built around a collaborative team of experienced investment professionals managing a range of traditional investment strategies for institutional investors.