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The Company

Iridian is a 100% employee owned, value-oriented equity manager serving institutional investors. We employ a rigorous investment process that identifies opportunities and uncovers potential value.

Iridian’s approach to investing focuses on firms undergoing significant corporate change and this drives our Mid-Cap Equity strategy. In analyzing investment opportunities, we focus on three key factors – corporate change, the importance of cash-related metrics, and in-depth, critical assessment of a company’s management. These three key factors have been fundamental in shaping our distinctive investment philosophy, which we term “private business value” Iridian has been utilizing its “private business value” strategy since 1991.

Today, Iridian is built around a collaborative team of experienced investment professionals managing traditional investment strategies for institutional investors.

Dedicated Focus on Mid-Cap U.S. Equities

Our investment process focuses on companies in the mid-cap segment of the market. Management teams in this space tend to “think like owners” and focus on creating shareholder value. This mentality, combined with mid-caps’ elevated return potential (relative to large-cap companies) and lower volatility (relative to small-cap companies), often combine to present excellent investment opportunities.

Change of Ownership

As of Jan 1, 2022 equity ownership was transferred from the founders of Iridian to the entire investment team plus other key organizational personnel.